Lee Pace secret eyebrow grooming technique

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Richard Armitage/Claude Monet and James Lance/Frédéric Bazille ~ The Impressionists (BBC 2006)

An injured Monet lies in bed groaning and moaning, playing for Bazille’s sympathy.

"Bazille, what are you doing?"

"The only thing an artist can do in a time of crisis."

"Make sure that I look really ill. Use cobalt blue and cadmium orange for the bruise." (groans)

My screencaps.

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i want nothing to do with you!

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The making of Into the Storm [x][x][x]

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"You were here this afternoon weren’t you? You know how I knew you? Because of your shoes."

Hahaha 😝 #martinfreeman #sassmaster #londonshaeshae

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Hot wet dad just chewin it away (x)

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James McAvoy - Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 (x)

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Fass&James♡♡( *´艸`)

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» [64/100] photos of James McAvoy

» [64/100] photos of James McAvoy

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James McAvoy by David Sandison for Inside I’m Dancing, January 2004 [HQ×8, LQ×9] pt.1

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